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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Texturing over Paneling!

Here is the tale of Cassie & John's sunroom!  It had dark paneling to start out with, and she wanted a textured effect.  George filled in the grooves, and then applied coats of texture over it.  After all the texture was applied he painted.  They loved it!  But now they don't like how the ceiling looks with the finished effect, so George will start Friday on their ceiling.  Texturing and painting can change a room drastically.  We have textured over messed up drywall, nasty wallpaper, and now over unsightly paneling.  Rather than putting new drywall in, it's an less expensive fix -- and ends up looking fantastic!


Anonymous said...

looks like a different room, just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Did you have to sand the paneling? Do anything to the surface?

mkh said...

Hello! Thanks for the question. Sand and fill cracks, then several coats of paint. It's a great way to make your room look entirely different!