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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dean & Roxanne

I popped in at Dean & Roxanne's condo this week to freshen up some rooms and the garage. Although the colors were similar to what they were before, I used paint and metallic glaze to make the colors come alive and feel different in a very good way. This is a great technique to use when you want something a bit different. 

The kitchen is marvelous. I like the wine sign!

Can you notice a bit of sheen from the metallic glaze?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Trent & Michelle: Master suite

I finished up with Trent & Michelle's master bed and bath last week. I stripped some wallpaper, textured, and prepared the surface to receive paint. Some surfaces can be stubborn and need just a bit more care to get them ready. They chose vibrant colors to make their bedroom a retreat. Looks awesome! 

Lots of walls to strip!

And piles to clean up.

I applied texture and prepared the surface. 

Master bath with prepared walls. 

Bedroom ready for paint.

Textured blue.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Finished in Killbuck

The parsonage at Killbuck is done. I spent many hours there painting, refurbishing, and casting an eye to many small details. I believe a great job does lie in the details, folks, because without those it's just a surface job. A big thank you to Gary and Diane for giving me this opportunity.

Some different angles of the garage.

I painted here and refurbished the laundry nook.
Installed a new railing and handrail. 
Before the hand railings were installed
I painted the garage walls for a fresh look. 
The laundry nook has a whole new feel. I installed the shelf from scratch. 
Garage walls. 
Handy hand railing for basement steps.

Here is where I took out an unhandy cabinet and removed it. Lighting went in its place. Beautiful. 

I painted the cabinets and took off trim made it fresh.

New stove hood installed, as well as new cabinets hinges and hardware.

Trim and walls made fresh and new.

Turned out great!

There's always time for a selfie in the bathroom mirror, no?

I took out old tile accessory holders and tiled the areas to blend. 

I think it blends in nicely. 

New towel holders intstalled. 

More accessories. 

Closets and doors were done as well as walls. 

This smaller bathroom is amazing. 

All accessories installed. 

How the cabinet looked above the stove before I installed the oven hood.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Focus on the details

What areas in your home need attention? That corner closet filled with junk? A ceiling that needs patched and painted? How about that shelving you need and never get made? We can do that for you and so much more. Need carpet taken up and bundled? Or that small crawlspace turned into handy storage? I love those small challenges that yield big results.

Shelving designed and constructed by me.

Old, smelly carpet cut up and bundled. 

Cabinetry taken our and lights installed.

Small kitchens that need TLC.

Doors refreshed and made new.

Free-standing fireplace textured and painted. 

Ceilings and colors.